The Hounslow & Staines Badminton League was formed in 2003. It came into being as a result of the amalgamation of the Hounslow Badminton League and the Staines Badminton League.

Below are listings of previous winners and runners-ups of the various divisions and hybrid cup competitions held since the league's formation:


Mixed Division 1 Winners Runners-up
2003/4 Air Canada 'A' West Byfleet
2004/5 Air Canada 'A' West Byfleet
2005/6 Ryefield West Byfleet
2006/7 Ryefield British Airways
2007/8 Ryefield Hounslow West 'A'
2008/9 King Penguins West Byfleet
2009/10 King Penguins West Byfleet
2010/11 King Penguins British Airways
2011/12 Ryefield Hounslow West 'B'
2012/13 Hounslow West 'B' King Penguins
2013/14 King Penguins Hounslow West
2014/15 King Penguins Cygnets
2015/16 Cygnets King Penguins
2016/17 King Penguins

















Mixed Division 2 Winners Runners-up
2003/4 Stepgates H.C.C.
2005/6 H.C.C. Amida 'A'
2006/7 Air Canada Meadhurst
2007/8 H.C.C. Amida 'A'
2008/9 Amida 'A' Addlestone
2009/10 Hounslow West 'A' H.C.C.
2010/11 Hounslow West 'B' Meadhurst 'A'
2011/12 Air Canada Amida
2012/13 David Lloyd Meadhurst 'A'
2013/14 H.C.C. Staines Sport
2014/15 Seaxe Staines Sport
2015/16 Acton
Staines Sport















Mixed Division 3 Winners Runners-up
2004/5 Meadhurst Hounslow West 'B'
2005/6 Staines Sport 'B' Amida 'B'
2007/8 Hounslow West 'B' Staines Sport
2008/9 Staines Sport Stepgates
2009/10 Hounslow West 'B' Stepgates









Mens 6 Division 1 Winners Runners-up
2003/4 H.C.C. British Airways
2004/5 Air Canada David Lloyd
2005/6 Air Canada Amida 'A'
2006/7 Hounslow West H.C.C. 'A'
2007/8 Air Canada H.C.C. 'A'
2008/9 King Penguins H.C.C. 'A'
2009/10 Air Canada King Penguins
2010/11 King Penguins Air Canada
2011/12 Hounslow West Air Canada
2012/13 Hounslow West Cygnets
2013/14 Heathrow Spidernets Hounslow West
2014/15 King Penguins Cygnets
2015/16 MBC Cygnets
2016/17 H.C.C. Addison Exiles

















Mens 6 Division 2 Winners Runners-up
2005/6 Hounslow West Meadhurst
2006/7 Meadhurst British Airways
2007/8 Stepgates Racqueteers
2008/9 Amida British Airways
2009/10 Racqueteers British Airways
2010/11 Hounslow West British Airways
2011/12 British Airways Stepgates
2012/13 Heathrow Spidernets H.C.C.
2013/14 H.C.C. Stepgates
2014/15 Addison Exiles Meadhurst
2015/16 Stepgates Staines Sport














Mens 4 Division 1 Winners Runners-up
2007/8 Addison Exiles Amida
2008/9 Amida Addison Exiles
2009/10 Amida Racqueteers
2010/11 Acton H.C.C.
2011/12 H.C.C. Amida
2012/13 H.C.C. David Lloyd
2013/14 Battledore David Lloyd
2014/15 David Lloyd 'A' GSK
2015/16 MBC David Lloyd
2016/17 Meadhurst David Lloyd













Ladies 4 Division 1 Winners Runners-up
2003/4 British Airways Air Canada
2004/5 Air Canada Hounslow West
2005/6 Amida 'A' British Airways
2006/7 Hounslow West Amida 'A'
2007/8 Hounslow West British Airways
2008/9 Amida 'A' British Airways
2009/10 Amida 'A' Hounslow West
2010/11 Hounslow West Amida 'A'
2011/12 Hounslow West H.C.C.
2012/13 Hounslow West H.C.C.
2013/14 British Airways H.C.C.
2014/15 H.C.C. Seaxe 'A'
2015/16 Stepgates Seaxe 'A'
2016/17 Acton

















Ladies 4 Division 2 Winners Runners-up
2006/7 Seaxe Amida 'D'
2007/8 Addison Exiles Amida 'B'
2008/9 Amida 'B' Seaxe
2009/10 Seaxe Addison Exiles
2010/11 Amida 'B' Addison Exiles









Hybrid Division 1 Winners Runners-up
2003/4 British Airways Hounslow West 'A'
2004/5 British Airways Hounslow West 'A'
2005/6 Hounslow West 'A' Amida 'A'
2006/7 British Airways Hounslow West 'A'
2007/8 British Airways Hounslow West 'A'
2008/9 Amida 'A' Hounslow West 'A'
2009/10 Hounslow West 'A' Amida 'A'
2010/11 King Penguins Hounslow West 'A'
2011/12 King Penguins Hounslow West 'A'
2012/13 King Penguins Hounslow West
2013/14 King Penguins Hounslow West
2014/15 King Penguins British Airways
2015/16 King Penguins David Lloyd
2016/17 King Penguins
David Lloyd

















Hybrid Division 2 Winners Runners-up
2006/7 Meadhurst H.C.C.
2007/8 H.C.C. Air Canada
2008/9 Air Canada Staines Sport
2009/10 H.C.C. Staines Sport
2010/11 Addison Exiles Hounslow West 'B'
2011/12 Meadhurst British Airways
2012/13 Staines Sport Seaxe
2013/14 British Airways Meadhurst
2014/15 Staines Sport












Hybrid Knockout Cup Winners Runners-up
2003/4 Ryefield British Airways
2004/5 British Airways Ryefield
2005/6 Ryefield H.C.C.
2006/7 Ryefield H.C.C.
2007/8 Amida Ryefield
2008/9 King Penguins Amida
2009/10 King Penguins Ryefield
2010/11 King Penguins H.C.C.
2011/12 King Penguins Amida
2012/13 King Penguins Hounslow West
2013/14 Hounslow West King Penguins
2014/15 King Penguins David Lloyd
2015/16 King Penguins David Lloyd
2016/17 David Lloyd Acton
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